1. Before installation, please check whether each component of main valve is in good condition, fastener is complete and free from loose.
2. Check whether each connecting line is in good condition.
3. Ensure that the minimum action pressure accords with technical parameters.
4. Optimum installing way is to install the main valve on horizontal pipe, making bonnet upward.
5. If the main valve is installed in pit, be sure to reserve a certain space for technician overhaul.
6. Please note the show directions of the arrows outside the valve body, and reverse installation is not allowed.
7. If pressure regulating and observation of working pressure are implemented, it needs to install pressure gage at inlet and outlet ends.
8. Be sure to regularly check the one used for fire control to prevent producing incrustation, causing valve failure.
9. During installation, note to check cleaning pipes, welding slag, bolt and other foreign matter are not allowed.
10. For piping installation, be sure to be equipped with suction and exhaust valve and other device according to the requirements of related regulations, so as to ensure free from the suspension of water column.
11. For the pump station possibly causing the risk of water hammer, it shall be implemented with stop pumping water hammer calculation.

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